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Prayer Times

The following prayer times are specific to Al Madinah Masjid in Decatur, Georgia, 30035. Azan times are 15 minutes earlier. Jum'a Khutba starts at 1:30pm throughout the year.


Fajr or Dawn prayer is the first of the daily Salawaat. starts as early as the start of the nautical twilight and can be prayed until right before sunrise. Two Fardh or mandatory Raka'as are prayed at Fajr.


Dhuhr or midday Salat (prayer) is the second of the daily Salawaat. is performed starting at noon or when the sun is at 90 degrees above. Dhuhr ends right before 'Asr. It comprises 4 Fardh or obligatory Raka'ahs. Jum'a prayer on Fridays substitutes for Dhuhr if prayed in conggregation.


The 'Asr or afternoon prayer is the third of the daily Salawaat. or prayers. It consists of 4 Fardh Rak'aat. It is prayed at the end of the midday prayer and lasts until right before sunset. s


Maghrib or sunset prayer is the fourth of the daily Salawaat. starts at sunset. It consists of three Fardh Raka'aat.


'Isha daily Salawat is the fifth of the daily Salawaat. starts around nautical twilight and lasts until Fajr. Four Fardh Rada'ahs are prayed at 'Isha.

All times are Eastern and automatically adjust to daylight saving times.

Jum'a conggregation - Masjid accommodates only 150
Need $300,000 to own Building and expand capacity - Bank Balance in DOllars
Monthly Operational Cost Deficit in Dollars

Ongoing Projects

Please come back here to see all the projects ongoing at Al Madinah Masjid (academic, services for the youth, sisters).

Computer Literacy

Coming soon...

Financial Acumen

Coming soon...

Youth Basketball

Coming soon...

ESL Classes

Coming soon...

Food pantry

Coming soon...

Orphan/Widow Shelter

Coming soon...

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We are located just 1 mile east of 285 outside the perimeter.

Frequently Asked Questions

Check here first to find answers to commenly asked questions. If you don't find your question, send us an email and we will be more than happy to respond to you as soon as possible, in Sha' Allah.

Why are you paying Riba?

This is a very good question. A dedicated single family was kind enough to gave us a $30,000.00 down payment toward the mortgage. Unable to come up with the remaining amount, which was over $200,000.00, we finance the rest hoping to pay within a year with donations.

Are other community allowed to come to the Masjid?

Of course all brothers and sisters are allowed to join us, and get involved so to better the Masjid's future.

Do you provide any kind of Islamic education?

We are Sunday and Summer schools available to children for the time being. The goal is to start adult education as well once we are on solid financial ground.